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Hyundai Leasing

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Hyundai Leasing, a unique one-stop solution that bundles all your costs into one easy monthly repayment. Hyundai Leasing offers you a hassle free approach to running your vehicles – by combining the vehicle finance, maintenance, servicing, tyres and road tax into one fixed monthly payment – and you can usually drive away with no deposit.

The simplest, most cost effective way to manage your fleet.

One Stop. One Price. A Range of Incredible Cars.

No Deposit. No Waiting. No Guesswork.



Let us show you the difference between the two and help make the best choice of your needs

Hyundai Electric

Electric cars are petrol/diesel free and run solely on battery-powered electric motors for zero-emission driving.

The batteries are charged via a mains supply and through regenerative braking. Continual advances have greatly extended their driving range, boosted that torque, reduced charging times and established a better recharging infrastacture.

Hyundai Hybrid

Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine at their heart that's assisted to varying degrees by an electric motor to achieve low emissions.

The batteries that power the motor are charged by the engine and via regenerative braking. Plug-in hybrid models have larger batteries that can also be charged from the mains for extra range. They can run on electric power alone


Eliminate all the financial and residual risks of disposing of your vehicles at the end of your chosen term and avail of off-balance sheet funding, improving your balance sheet ratios. Rentals can be offset against profits and you can reclaim 20% of the VAT on the finance rental of Passenger vehicles, and 100% of the VAT on maintenance. For Commercial vehicles, you can reclaim 100% of the VAT – including maintenance costs. At the end of the contract you can:

Hand back the vehicle and choose a new vehicle on a new contract.

Purchase your existing vehicle outright at a predetermined price.

Hand back the vehicle and walk away.


How long does it take to supply the vehicle?
We will be usually able to supply the vehicle within 5 days.

Are all vehicle servicing, maintenance, tyres and road tax included the price?
Yes - this is a full-service lease - so all costs are included including tyres, tax, standard maintenance and servicing.

Will I be able to avail of the exemption on BIK on Electric Cars through leasing?
Yes - leasing of the vehicle does not affect the ability to avail of the exemption on BIK on the KONA Electric.

Are the flexible terms?
Yes - the terms can vary between 24 and 60 months, tailored to your annual expected mileage.

Can I change the vehicle during the term?
Yes - the vehicle can be exchanged or handed back during the standard terms with any lease with an early cancellation charge established at the time.

How long does it take to supply the vehicle?
We will be usually able to supply the vehicle within 5 days.

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